Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Serialization Of Saint John Eudes' The Admirable Heart Of Mary

Epistle Dedicatory

To Her Royal Highness
Madame de Guise

All the stones in the Church of the most holy Heart of Jesus and of Mary, erected at the Caen seminary, are like so many voices crying out that this book, which also bears the title of The Admirable Heart Of Mary, should be dedicated to Your Royal Highness as a sign of gratitude of our little Congregation. We consider and honor you, Madame, as the foundress of our first and principal church, whose every stone is yet another tongue proclaiming that, among the great number of princes and princesses who have built churches in honor of the King and the Queen of the angels, Your Royal Highness alone can claim this privilege: that there are no others to whom God has granted the favor of making them His instruments to erect churches in honor of the adorable Heart of His Son Jesus and the admirable Heart of his dearest daughter Mary.

Your Royal Highness is the first one to be chosen by His Divine Majesty for such a noble and august work. All the citizens of Heaven will look upon and respect you forevermore as the foundress of the first church in the world which ever bore the name of the Church of the Most Holy Heart of Jesus and Mary, and which was so named by the Sovereign Pontiff Clement X, or rather by the Holy Ghost, since this Divine Spirit is the soul of the Church as well as its head, governing it in all matters of Christian faith and piety.

Your royal birth, Madame, endowed you with certain grandeurs which earn the homage and respect of all Europe, while the excellent virtues which shine forth in the holiness of your life make you venerable in Heaven and on earth. But the title of foundress of the first church to be dedicated to the two incomparable Hearts will eternally crown you with a completely unique honor and glory unrivalled in Heaven.

Your Royal Highness is also the first to have established in this church the celebration each Saturday of the Holy Sacrifice of the Altar, along with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, in honor of the admirable Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is therein that the angels, who assist by the thousands at this sacrifice and benediction, and who have a special love for all persons who honor their Sovereign Princess, look upon you and honor you as the beloved of her Heart, and as the one who has had a sanctuary built on earth to be the dwelling of the King and Queen of Heaven. That is why they are preparing for you a palace incomparably more beautiful, rich, and magnificent than all the palaces of the greatest monarchs in the world. Did I say a palace? It is much more than that, Madame. They are preparing a glorious and eternal abode for you in their hearts.

In addition, all the Masses said in this church and all the works performed there until the consummation of the world will be like precious stones of incalculable worth which will make your crown wonderfully rich and brilliant. I very humbly and urgently beseech my most adorable Saviour and His most amiable Mother to take full, absolute, and eternal possession of Your Highness' truly royal heart, and to make their holy love reign supreme in it, that you may live in all perfection according to the Heart of God.

This is the most ardent prayer which will be offered to them all the days of his life by him who is, with the deepest respect, Madame,
Your Royal Highess'
Most humble, obedient, and grateful servant,
John Eudes