Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What Greater Love on Valentine's Day

How beautiful is the splendour of love that is revealed in the communion of hearts! How beautiful is to be all together as family,
contemplating the luminous power of love?

The fire of love of the Heart of Jesus will always be the remedy to our coldness and selfishness. St. Mathew tells us in his gospel chapter 24, that in the passing of time, love in most men will grow cold. Jesus told St. Margaret that the revelation of his heart was the last effort of his love in this last times, to warm a world that has grown cold. To St. Faustina, the Merciful Heart told her that he was offering to a cold world a last refuge, the mercy of his heart. I believe that in our time the hearts of men have grown cold, selfishness is ruling and
violence is becoming a common way of life. Men have forgotten the meaning of love. That is why, the Lord is offering his sacred, merciful and Eucharistic Heart to our generation. He wants to change our hearts, so a new civilization can begin, a civilization in which loves triumphs over evil.

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart fosters the reign of love of the Eucharistic Heart in our hearts
St. Maximilian: "This truth must be inscribed in the hearts of all mankind, those who are living now and in those who will live until the end of all times. The Immaculate must be introduced to the hearts of men, and so enable Her to raise the throne of her Son in them, and draw all mankind to the knowledge of Him and inflame them with love for the Most Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus".