Monday, June 04, 2007

Act Of Sorrow And Contrition

My adorable and dearest Jesus, behold at Thy feet a person who has caused so much sorrow to Thine amiable heart. O my God, how could I wound Thy heart, which hath loved me so much, and has spared nothing to make Itself loved by me? But console Thyself, I will say to my Savior, for my heart, having been wounded with Thy grace and most holy love, now feels regret for the offenses that I have committed against Thee. Please give me, my Jesus, the sorrow for my sins which Thou hast felt for them in Thy life! Eternal Father, I offer Thee the sorrow Thy Son felt for my sins. I ask Thee to give me a great sorrow for the offenses I have committed against Thee so that I may live a life that no longer despises Thy friendship.

My Lord Jesus, from this day forward, give me a horror of sin, that I may despise even the slightest faults, considering that they displease Thee. My beloved Lord, I now detest everything that displeases Thee, and in the future I will love only Thee, and love only that which Thou lovest. Oh help me, give me the strength, give me the grace to call upon Thee constantly, O my Jesus, and always to repeat to Thee this petition: My Jesus, give me Thy love, give me Thy love, give me Thy love.

Most holy Mary, obtain for me the grace to pray to thee continually and to say to thee, O my Mother, make me love Jesus Christ.